Upon a hill, in Guiseley (Leeds, UK) a group of trees grew to form the silhouette of a herd of elephants. Under these Elephant Trees grew Martha and Sam, who along with their friends found the only way they could make it through this twisted society as teenagers was to write and play music.  


Now in their 20s the ‘The Elephant Trees’ have become a symbol [=] quite literally of remembering your roots whilst exploring exactly who you are and embracing every aspect of that individuality.  They’ve been told it’s not a great band name but 'The Elephant Trees' ethos isn't about being the coolest or trendiest band on social media. They care about creating a community and safe space for everyone that has ever felt out of place or lost.   Mental health, sexuality and 'growing up' to discover the world's complexities form the basis of the songs Martha writes, pouring out her findings and truths on stage as Sam and Tom (resident drummer until he enviably becomes Prime Minister) chaotically create a sonic backdrop upon which Martha preaches her often intricate stories.   


The fanbase for this dubbed "chaotic mess" is growing by the day, picking up gig goers across the UK and Europe.   After a summer of festivals which saw them play Isle of Wight Festival, The Great Escape - Alt Escape, Dot to Dot, Live at Leeds and Liverpool SoundCity they are positioning themselves to release a new wave of music and visual content. 


Having taken the early part of 2019 to realign the purpose of their songwriting and craft. This Manchester-based band are almost ready to embark on the inevitable world domination that sits within their grasp.



"This song just stopped
us in our track"

  - Edith Bowman, Virgin Radio

"With Martha Phillips being such an engaging lead the performance was pretty much top, and I can see live tickets for the band becoming scarce as time moves on"
               - Halfway 2 Nowhere
"all the makings of becoming an alt-rock/pop darling of the radio waves. Eerie and sexy and moody and alluring, it's everything you want from a dark alt-pop delight."
               - Q REVIEW
"Delivering from a different perspective, the ‘queer’ approach is kicking and shines attitude throughout. Relatable for a lot of people in the world right now, rhythmically it’s filled with layers of instrumental goodness."
             - Best Music Online
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